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Parenting is not easy for all of us, and it goes the same with celebrity stars as well as Kim Kardashian West.

In an interview, she said she has a lot of fears for her kids. She wants a safer world for the children. Kim plans to make use of her platforms and efforts will be able to help her vision.

Kim is a mother to North, who is 6, Saint, who is 3, Chicago is 1 and the youngest being 6 months, Psalm West.

During an interview with Today, the Kardashian sister told that she aspires to be a lawyer.

Her view on motherhood has changed her perception in life precisely her new-found passion for reforms to criminal justice. Kim said, “When you become a mom, you become so protective.”

She added, “you want to hopefully make their world the perfect place ever, and ours isn’t.” One of her driving factors is about racial injustice.

Kim saw a lot of discrimination in the US, particularly black people. “I see how people, especially black men, are treated in this country, still differently, and I’m raising two black men, and so I want to make sure that my world and their world are as safe and as fair as possible.”

Kim Kardashian and Rodney Reed Case

This mother is stoked with the Rodney Reed case, a black man who was found guilty in 1996 by an all-white jury for the murder and rape of Stacey Stites. Now, evidence has been sprouted regarding his innocence and conviction. His execution date would have been November 20 but has now been stopped without a definite date.

Kardashian West met with him last week when a motion was granted for his behalf. She was emotional sharing. “It was just this overwhelming sigh of relief and hope. It was emotional.” She added, “It was extremely emotional, and he said, “Praise Jesus.” I could feel his should when he said that”. She is very involved with the legal team of Reed as part of her apprenticeship.

On the other hand, there were different views from people on social media.

One reacted, “The nationality of the boys she is raising is irrelevant in her case. With her money and fame, they will always live a different lifestyle than most people.”

She was also praised. One fan said, “I’m impressed with all the excellent work Kim is doing to help prisoners. Kanye’s concert was awesome at Osteen’s Church. I hope she continues with her law degree and becomes an attorney. It just shows GO can use anyone for good works”.

Another commenter defended Kardashian West, “She is trying to help people. She doesn’t have to. She’s in a position to do something, and she’s doing it. You don’t have to follow her but at least believe in what she is doing.”

Earlier this year, Kardashian West helped with the case of Alice Marie Johnson who is currently serving life imprisonment for drug charges since 2018.

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