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Two of the prison guards were indicted on the night Jeffrey Epstein committed his suicide.

It was their duty to monitor him that night. Instead they didn’t check on him for 8 hours on August 10. 

They were just checking sales online and sports news. They even sleeping in their offices, thus not being able to carry out their responsibility as duty guars.

The two accused guards are Tova Noel and Michael Thomas. They were on duty at the Metropolitan Correctional Center in New York. They failed to do their task on interval checking and even reporting that they had done so during their shifts. 

How are they handling it?

According to the indictment,” To conceal their failure to perform their duties, Noel and Thomas repeatedly signed false certifications attesting to having conducted multiple counts of inmates when, in truth and in fact, they never did such counts.”

But both of the prison guards pleaded not guilty for the charges against them.

Noel and Thomas were supposed to do checks on Epstein every 30 minutes. Still, they were just sleeping and browsing through the internet. 

The office would just have been 15 feet away from the cell of Epstein.

The indictment added that one prison guard, Noel, used the computer periodically throughout the night. He searched the internet for furniture sales and benefits websites it. Additionally, Thomas also used the computer “briefly” to “search for sales and sports news.”

This indictment was based on the security camera’s surveillance footage in the cell block. Two of them were working on overtime shifts because there was a shortage of staff. 

These policemen are put on administrative leave.

When interviewed by The Associated Press, Thomas’ lawyer said that the guards were being scapegoat of Epstein’s death.

“We feel this is a rush to judgment by the U.S. attorney’s office. They’re going after the low man on the totem pole.”

The investigation revealed information.

Based on the surveillance footage, Epstein wasn’t murdered which negates the first theory.

What are they saying?

However, Senate Judiciary Committee member John Kennedy R-La., defended his questioning and told in an interview in “Tucker Carlson Tonight” that she said Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, BOP Chief, that “Christmas ornaments, drywall, and Jeffrey Epstein” are “three things that don’t hang themselves,” clarifying “that’s what the American people think.” 

He furthermore responded, “The point I was trying to make with Dr Sawyer is that the American people have the minimal thrust of government. They may not believe investigations once done. However, they’re certainly entitled to wonder why it’s taking a while to do the investigations.”

The Senator wants to know what really took place during the death of Epstein while he was waiting for his federal sex trafficking charges. Sawyer also said that the FBI may also be looking at his end as a “criminal enterprise.”

“The FBI is involved. They are looking at the criminal enterprise,” Sawyer added.

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