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According to reports, Justin Timberlake is now considering being a “stay-at-home” dad to earn his wife’s complete trust again. 

The dad-of-one is trying his best to win back the trust of Jessica Biel after the “cheating scandal.”

RadarOnline reported that the 37-year-old actress has asked her famous husband to spend more time at home.

After the PDA scandal he was involved in with his leading lady in a new film “Palmer”, Alicia Wainwright, in November, Jessica allegedly asked Justin to spend more time with their son, Silas. 

According to a RadarOnline source, they said that the “Cry Me a River” singer will not be able to go on his two-week golf trips with his friends anytime soon. 

Justin is reportedly trying to prove to Jessica that she could still trust him, despite the incident that happened in a bar in New Orleans.

However, the problem doesn’t just lie in the scandal that rocked their marriage. The real issue for both of them is Justin spending more time on the road for work and pleasure, while Jessica spends most her time at home in Beverly Hills to take care of their son. 

Their source furthermore added that Jessica would go along with Justin’s decisions since he is considered as “the breadwinner of the family.”

“He earns ten times more than she does, that’s why she let him be whenever he asks for some time off to go on a getaway with friends.” 

Additionally, it seems like the scandal has pushed Jessica far away since she feels like she wants her voice to be heard. The actress want some changes because the scandal has opened her eyes to the reality of what could happen to her husband on the road, and how her husband would behave while he’s on his own.

Since Jessica gave so much trust and freedom to her husband, it reportedly hurt her to learn about Justin’s scandal.

The source added that if the singer needs to go out of town for work or pleasure, Jessica and Silas would also be there to go with him. 

This comes after the report that Alicia and Justin were getting cozy at a bar in New Orleans last November. 

Although the two clarified that nothing has been going on between them, and that the touching only happened because they have a little too much to drink, Jessica wasn’t going to let Justin off the hook that easy, even after Justin Timberlake publicly apologizing to Jessica and his son. 

In his public apology, he said that it was a “strong lapse of judgement” on his part. 

He even added that he extended an invitation to Jessica to visit him on the set of their movie “Palmer” just to show her that nothing was really going on. 

Jessica, however, seems to be plotting some sort of revenge for the cheating. 

According to an old article by RadarOnline, Jessica has been “healthy flirting” with other men that got Justin worried.  

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