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It was unexpected from the crowd of 2019 Camp Flog Gnaw to boo one of the most prominent performers in the world.

In the announcement, it was said that there was going to be a secret guest who then turned out to be Drake.

Unfortunately, many of them didn’t like the surprise. They were hoping for someone else instead.

The majority of the crowd didn’t like it at all while there were a few who seemed to enjoy his show. The performer didn’t perform his lineup of songs. In fact, he was short of 9 songs. For Drake fans, that would have been a pretty good show. He is known to be very good at performing both in a huge audience or an intimate one.

Who were they waiting for even if Drake left the stage 15 minutes after?

Frank Ocean. Sunday night didn’t seem to be a fun activity for Drake. He was telling on stage “As I said, I’m here for you tonight, if you want to keep going, I will keep going tonight.” It wasn’t the response he wanted, and so he exited stage shortly after asking the crowd.

Many might wonder, why then was the crowd that unhappy. It all boils down quickly. Dropping a “secret headliner” on that even when it’s close to Frank Ocean’s music release, people just assume that he just might be the surprise performer. Just possibly maybe. But to the fans’ anticipation, he didn’t, and that burst the balloon.

Other Performers with Drake

Champagne Papi came out as a surprise performer as well. The Camp Flog Gnaw was held at the Dodger Stadium. Some of the performers were DAISY,Na-Kel Smith, Slowthai, Radiant Children, Juto, Clairo, Summer Walker, Thundercat, Goldlink, Taco, Dominic FIke, Solane, YG, Brockhampton, Santi, Omar Appolo, Yuna and a lot more.

Like previously said, the ticket holders may just not be the crowd for Drake. He thanked the audience and went off the stage. There was no love lost between the two because the audience was chanting Frank’s name instead. Probably they want another kind of line up. There were a lot of hip-hop and R&B performances too.

According to Tyler, the founder of the Camp Flog, the ones in front of the stage were the loudest. On Monday, he posted some announcements on Twitter and voiced out his disappointments. The audience’s behavior was horrible. Like they were some dickheads. Drake doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. The audience didn’t have that much enthusiasm, and worse, the crowd didn’t want Drake to perform. Tyler acknowledged that Drizzy may not have been the best choice for the Camp Flog crowd, but they shouldn’t have done that to the performer who was fair enough on stage.

Furthermore, he was thanking Drake profusely, “Again, Thank you, Drake (I’m F@#$% Pissed hotline bling was next that’s my@#$# s%$ I’m gonna play that in the shower right now <3.” Obviously, the founder may have also learned his lesson well enough for the next annual Camp Flog Gnaw.

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