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Taylor Swift will appear on the January issue of British Vogue. 

This will hit the newsstands this Friday. This pretty lady graced the cover by wearing Archive Chanel and looking so effortlessly beautiful. The jacked a Chanel tweed that is from the Métiers d’art Paris-New York 2005/ 2006 collection. This shows that fashion can also help in making a more environment-friendly future.

The editor-in-chief Edward Enninful explained, “I wanted to put a vintage Chanel jacket on the cover of Vogue because I feel that, with the global climate crisis, we all have to do what we can to contribute to the conversation around sustainability.” He continued, “Buying better and buying less is what I believe in: investing in clothes that will last a lifetime, pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation. Fashion shouldn’t feel disposable: the best clothes can be worn time and time again and have the quality of both design and craftsmanship to ensure their staying power – that’s how I’ve always dressed, it’s just that, because I only wear black, you can never tell. In that spirit, it was important to me to choose a vintage item for Taylor, one that is everlasting – and that’s why I used a Chanel jacket from the Métiers d’art 2005/2006 collection. It’s the ultimate sign of luxury, it has never gone out of fashion, and it never will.” 

The editor-in-chief said he chose the Chanel jacket because it is the ultimate luxury, and it has never gone out of fashion and it never will.

This kind of notion is also spotted somewhere in the January issue; one is from a contributing fashion director Kate Phelan and photographer Craig McDean from the Waste Not.

They used vintage pieces that were as old as 35 years old, dunning the autumn/ winter 2019 looks. These garments are crafted explicitly from deadstock. The “Pershing” T-shirt of Katharine Hamnett is partnered with Amsterdam’s designer Duran Lantink’s pieces, who is upcycling items from resale shops and making them into another beautiful garment.

For her, they don’t have to start from scratch every time they make a collection. I still have clothes from years ago that I mix in with more modern looks – an old Chanel jacket that can stand the test of time, say. Things you never get bored of.”

Taylor Swifts cover would hold a new concept in the fashion industry. The cream Chanel jacket with red and black edging with accessories from the archive of Chanel autumn ‘winter 2018 top and vintage clip earrings holds an ensemble of quality fashion. Taylor Swift is undoubtedly getting to be in British Vogue history.

This country gal to a worldwide superstar evolved in not only music but also her fashion style. Her natural beauty was showcased in the images. This 70s style gave the thumbs-up sign for Taylor. The British Vogue will also include an interview of her from Andrew Lloyd Webber, a singer, and composer. The cover has a tagline “New decade, new style.”

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